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PACT - Jackson County Businesses We Need You!

In 2016, A survey was conducted with Jackson County business – the results clearly pointed to the need for enhanced soft skills in job applicants across all business types.

The survey results and business organization support were key drivers behind the 2018 MEDC Talent and Economic Development Marshall Plan grant application by the Jackson County Talent Consortium (JCTC)

The JCTC was awarded a grant from the MEDC to further develop and implement the countywide PACT initiative for all Jackson County 9-12th graders. The PACT will adhere to common metrics for all school districts and was specifically developed based on the business community’s 2016 survey results. 

The Jackson County Area Chamber of Commerce, The Enterprise Group, the Jackson Area Manufacturers Association and Michigan Works! Southeast all have formally endorsed the PACT initiative credential. 

A 2018 initial pilot of the PACT was implemented by Northwest Community Schools and Western School District to test metrics and implementation strategies. The PACT has been introduced to all County districts for the 2019/2020 school year. The first pilot cohort of high school seniors were eligible for the PACT credential in the spring of 2019. Many more Jackson County seniors will be eligible at the end of this school year.


As a business located in Jackson County, we need your engagement in the PACT initiative to make it successful.

Your business can participate in any or all of the following ways: 
  • Participate in senior class mock interviews.
  • Serve as a resource to participating PACT schools by providing classroom support to teachers through classroom speaking and project mentors
  • Provide job shadowing, class tours and internships to PACT students.
  • Recognize the PACT credential in your company’s hiring process

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